Accessible Art believes that Art holds no judgment and should be accessible to all walks of life. With this in mind, Accessible Art strives to bring the lessons, supplies, and creativity to you! 

     Art has a unique way of positively affecting the artist, as well as presenting a form of non-verbal communication. However, Art sometimes can be intimidating and unapproachable without the proper tools or know-how.

     That's why Accessible Art makes sure each lesson is tailor fit to the individual student, and, in turn, assures that each student can be comfortable with the art making process. Thus, allowing for more courage in experimentation and discovery of new mediums, types of art, and techniques. 

    Accessible Art believes anyone can be an artist. Numerous art mediums and a variety of different teaching techniques will be available in order to find the best fit for each individual. Most of all, Accessible Art uses a caring heart and open mind to help our artists flourish.