Paper Mosaic Project

Although I have taught a few lessons prior to this weeks blog post, I wanted to start with this great paper mosaic project because all of the artists this week enjoyed it so much. We used construction paper to bring life to our spring time theme of fruits and veggies, and all the artists did such an amazing job thinking outside the box with their color choices.

I also love how this lesson requires the use of so many skills, yet is still very approachable to new artists. I am looking forward to the rest of my unit on collage, and sharing it with you all!

Welcome to the Accessible Art Blog!

I have been very busy these last few months spreading the word about Accessible Art and creating all new lessons and projects to share with my amazing artists around town. Now that I am settled into my new home in Dallas, Texas, I thought it a perfect time to begin sharing my weekly art lessons and projects via this blog. Please check in for the latest in Accessible Arts whereabouts and growing community of wonderful artists!