Accessible Art offers a number of different options from in-home weekly lessons to special event workshops.

     Art lessons and workshops are designed to tailor fit each individual. There are numerous options for the type of sessions we can provide. We will work with your individual needs and preferences and build on your current art skills. We can work together to pick specific goals and work towards those goals during regularly scheduled sessions.  

For one-on-one sessions:

  • The first lesson and consultation will always be free! This gives us a chance to get to know your individual learning style, interests, and preferred mediums. 
  • We will travel to different parts of the DFW metroplex. Please contact us to know whether or not your area is available. 
  •  Please let us know what supplies you have already, so we may be better prepared for our initial session. 
  • Sessions can take place at your most convenient location. We can work at your home, residential living center, local community center if it can be arranged, etc… 
  • Session length is dependent on your schedule and project of choice.
  • Lessons can be based around one specific project or medium, or can build on one another.  

Group Sessions and Workshops

  • Group sessions and workshops have the option of being a one-time project or an ongoing scheduled session.
  • As with the one-on-one lessons, I bring the supplies to you and will work from your preferred location.  
  • Pricing will be determined on an individual basis, and although the initial session will be free, depending on the number of individuals there may still be a supply fee. 
  • Contact Accessible Art for more information on hosted special events and group workshops. 

     We do not have one specific curriculum or lesson plan, and believe in preparing material based on your wants and needs. During your free consultation, we can discuss different options for creating your perfect art experience. Feel free to contact us directly for more information or questions related to the different types of programs we can offer. 

Contact us for more information!